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ENSEMBLE Expectation and Non-formal Skills

to Empower Migrants and

to Boost Local Economy

Cross-cultural Alignment Toolkit Contents

In this section you will have access to all cross-cultural alignment tools developed or mapped within Ensemble Project.

WBTL Course

WBTL Course

Training courses on Intercultural communication to interpret the cultural codes of the persons involved in the relationship (prejudices, stereotypes, etc.) in order to facilitate communication exchange and avoid misunderstandings

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Country Fiches

Country Fiches

Effective snapshot of 30 most relevant countries in terms of migration tendencies according to UNHCR with the following learning outcomes: to recognise migrants’s cultural, personal and professional caracteristics and conditions.

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Cross-cultural alignement tools

Tools of interest

Mapping of Tools of interest arranged in 4 areas emereged from assessement: General overview of origin countries, Identification of migrant’s needs, Supportive relationship, Intercultural communication and transversal tools.

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Cross-cultural alignment tools

In order to allow educators intervene in a more functional and complete way
when mapping migrants’ NFIL competences, the CROSS-CULTURAL ALIGNMENT TOOLKIT
is designed to be easy to use to raise the educators’ empathy towards the migrants so that they can:



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